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Nursing is a noble profession. It is an important part of healthcare sector. Nurses are healthcare professionals who are capable of taking care of patients suffering from various diseases, assisting Doctors in surgery and treatment. At Candous,we have options for nursing courses available in foreign countries , course details, eligibility criteria, career prospects and job opportunities available after completing the course. Nursing is a job oriented medical course. Healthcare sector is one such area, which is recession proof. No matter what’s the economic status of a nation- Developing or Developed- there is always a demand for healthcare services. Nurses are an integral part of medical profession. Along with qualified Doctors, Nurses are also in huge demand everywhere.


Especially in case of developed countries, where the recommended ratio of nurses per 1000 patients is high, demand for qualified Indian nurses is high. In case of such countries, the output (nursing graduates passing from colleges) is far less than the demand. Due to this reason, such countries regularly recruit nursing professionals from India.

If you are a nurse in India and want to grow in your career overseas, Candous International is the right place to start with. We do overseas nursing board registration support service for Australia ( AHPRA), NZ (NZNC), UK (NMC), Ireland (NMBI ), Canda and Malta. Please reach to us for a free consultation with our immigration lawyer to explore the options worldwide.